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Communication would be defined as a form of passing information from one person to another, it can also be passed from one place to another as well by acknowledging the sender’s intent, this allows a person to comprehend the context involved with the message which is being sent through communication, it also leads to acting upon it as well in order to create a shared understand between two or more individuals as well as places.
When it comes to demonstrative communication it is defined by a type of communication which will involve the process of sending as well as receiving information, as well as messages by non-verbal as well as unwritten communication, through facial expressions, body language, and lastly the tone of the voice a person uses. First let’s get into the facial expression aspect of demonstrative communication. This form of communication can be conceived as being both positive as well as negative depending on the type of expression an individual may have on their fact at the time. For example a smile would be considered a positive facial expression, where a frown would be contrived as a negative facial expression. There is one form of facial expression that can be contrived as positive or negative and that would be a person’s grin. Sometimes a person may grin to show confidence or smugness towards another person. At times you can see something and grin; which can insinuate making fun of the way a person talks and dresses. However, if you grin from a friend telling a joke that would be considered positive.
Now let us talk about body language, by reading a person’s body language you can get an idea as to if that person is approachable or unapproachable. First let’s see how body language can be effective, eye contact; when you can talk a person and make eye contact and also appear to be mellow in terms of body language that can allow you to be more effective when communicating with others, it can even help in a job interview as well. Body language can also be ineffective, if you see a person who is always looking down, or just slouches than you may consider them to not be confident in their own self. This can lead to pre judgment during meeting new people or going for a new job. As terms of positive and negative if a person walks a certain way you can tell if they are in a positive or negative mood. For instance if you see somebody who is walking cheerfully and they are looking straight ahead and have no problem with eye contact a person can find them to be quite approachable. However, if a person is walking slowly and not showing any type of interest than a person may not see them as approachable by any means.
Tone of voice is a great way to see if a person is communicating...

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