What´S Environmental Science? Essay

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Environmental Science

Environmental science is important in different aspects such as: scientific, societal, political and ethical (Lecture, Gan). The understanding of the earth's process with alternative energy systems and its effects of global climate change are part of environmental science. I cannot emphasis enough how important it is to learn and be aware of the recurring issues in our environment. If people lack awareness of our environmental problems, it will be harder to solve them and our existence may come to an end. Nowadays, there is technology that is eco-friendly and can help our planet. Many people are ...view middle of the document...

For example: machines that recycle paper, pollution free fuel, solar systems, and making oil from almost anything like com and turkey guts. Solar systems are slowly becoming more and more popular; they are an alternative so that we will not be affected by light pollution. In my opinion, reusing paper is necessary since twenty nine million eight hundred thousand trees are cut down each day. As technology advances, the options to help our environment should increase as well.

Environmental science is also the relationship between humanity and the environment. Not only is it the home of billions of people, but other organisms and physical surroundings as well. The environment is the surrounding in which an animals, plants, and humans live in. The challenges we face today are that the main sources of pollution come from human technology and industry. For instance, large factories that cause pollution to the atmosphere are hard to control because they are important to the economy. There are also the little things that make a

huge impact but some people decide to ignore them. For example, hair spray has a chemical called, aerosol that depletes the ozone layer and yet people continue to use this product. There are special organizations that protest or do volunteer hours to help our environment. Sometimes, there are organizations that call and make sure people are aware of the damages and the technology that can make a change (livescience.com). For example, shortage on water is becoming a global issue. Scientists are working on an easy and inexpensive way to make salt water drinking water. Most people do not invest in this solution because of the price but that is why the scientists are trying to find a simple process. The "H" power is a huge advantage which makes cars run on only clean water; but a disadvantage is that many companies will use that design and cause a shortage on water. The technology is beneficial because it is making a big positive change in the environment. It is beneficial because most of the time the environments
damage is unrepairable so changes have to be made fast. A huge benefit is also the fact that earth would be cleaner and the chances of global warming or the "end" of the world decreases because of this safer method. In the future, technology should first be tested if any major defects occur. Also, if it's making a bigger negative impact then the original issue was. It can open many other opportunities.

Some opportunities from technology on the environment are that the economy...

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