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What's For Dinner? : Hunger In America

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According to Feeding America, “hunger exists for over fifty million people.” That is one in six of the U.S. Population. There are many people in America who are suffering from food insecurity. This means that they have no idea where their next meal will come from.
There are programs that help hungry children but do don’t take care of the whole problem. When some children go to school that is the only time they eat because they do not have food at home. It is great that the school provides free meals for families who cannot afford to pay for breakfast and lunch everyday but when school lets out for the summer, these children go hungry. According to Forbes news website, “One in a thousand adults and one in ten thousand children do not eat for a whole day on an average day.” My mother used to always remind me to eat breakfast in the morning because it would help me focus better. According to Feeding America, children who come from food insecure households have a harder time focusing and performing in school.
The focus on hunger does not just affect children but also out elderly. Social security can help but not much so some of the older population still have to work part-time jobs to live comfortably. But most people who have retired cannot work jobs because of health reasons. When this happens people forget about them and don’t realize that they don’t have the funds to care for themselves and this includes paying for food also. In high school I was able to volunteer for Meals on Wheels in Durham, NC. Meals on wheels is a program that benefits people who need food prepared and delivered to them. Meals on Wheels provides services to people with medical issues that prohibit them or created limits for them to get out of the house. Through this program I met Ms. Williams, an older white woman weighing about 90 pounds, who’s family didn't live with her and who could hardly provide for herself .Without Meals on Wheels, Ms. Williams and others probably wouldn’t have anything to eat that day.
In America we purchase a lot of processed food and packaged foods which are usually unhealthy in nature. This is because a basket fruits and vegetables at the grocery store cost more than a basket of snacks, cakes and sodas. Because of this many of Americans are obese and more importantly children. Fruits and vegetables are essential to the health, growth and development of younger children especially in the first three years of growth. Malnourished children can suffer from various health problems because they are not getting all of the nutrients they need. These health problems can range from obesity to cognitive development issues. For example in the documentary Hunger in America, Tremonica, a young African American girl is limited to only the food her mother can afford. The mother said she buys the cheapest foods she could find...

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