What Is Globalisation? Discuss Its Impact On One Aspect Of Society.

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Globalisation is often seen, quite incorrectly, as a relatively modern notion. However, its influence can be traced back centuries and modern sociologists have long known of the importance of global influence on human experience.Using the industrial revolution of Britain and the West as an example, none of this industrial change would have been possible had it not been for the interconnection of world society. Much of the raw materials used to start the revolution were imported from Africa, Asia and the Americas, when rich Western nations, such as the UK and France initially colonised them. In fact, our current high standard of living and affluence is still sometimes depends and exploits a lot of the Third World.So, Globalisation as we know it has been developing for a substantial amount of time, since the beginning of the modern world. However, Giddens (one of the first sociologists to delve into the subject) amongst others strongly believes the influence of distant and global development has increased hugely over the past couple of decades. This interconnection of society was mainly due to the global economic crisis of the early 70's (Murray 2000).There are three main reasons for this, three important features of Globalisation:1.Economic - currently we are observing the growing interdependence of world economies. The wealth and power of trans-national corporations (TNCs) has been of major importance in this case. Many of these companies have more individual wealth and power than whole countries. For example, the oil company Shell is bigger than Nigeria. These TNCs have such an influence that every choice that they make can have serious and wide-ranging implications for society. For example, the recent problems in the Northeast from Samsung, Siemens and Fujitsu etc.2.Political - this is linked to economic globalisation. As Trans-National Corporations are becoming more and more powerful, the governments of the respective countries have to pander to their needs. This leaves them unable to address the needs of their citizens.3.Cultural - The world in which we live in is gradually becoming more cosmopolitan, where cultures are progressively intermingling with one another. An important factor in this change has been the global media.The concept of Globalisation is becoming more important in sociology. It is defined by Giddens (1997), as 'the increasing interdependence of world society'. Our life experience is becoming increasingly influenced by events out of sight, and because of this our personal lives are pretty substantially transformed.He believed that the world in which we live in is not something separate from which we lead our lives. The way we live is influenced by decisions and goings on at places sometimes thousands of miles away and out of our thoughts.Globalisation is seen as having a huge impact on our lives and that impact is steadily rising. So much so that sociology is now less concerned with single societies and more with global....

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