What Is Globalisation? The Word Globalisation Can Be Defined As Having

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What is Globalisation? The word globalisation can be defined as having
many meanings.

What is Globalisation?

The word “globalisation” can be defined as having many meanings,
depending on how one wish to interpret the true meaning of
globalisation. Primarily, it can be seen as an economic phenomenon,
which over the years has integrated national economic systems through
international trade and investment. In general it can be used to
describe the increased pace of interconnectivity that has taken place
over the recent years in states and societies, which contribute to the
present world system. Globalisation has been made possible due to
technological advances, which can now allow information and products
to travel much faster than previously, on ever widening geographical
boundaries, making communication with people and companies much faster
and easier. Albrow, M (1999) defines globalisation as ‘a process in
which constraints of geography of geography on social and cultural
arrangements recede and in which people become increasingly aware they
are receding’. There is distinction between economic, political, and
cultural aspects of globalization, although all three aspects are
closely intertwined. Gidden’s (1990) defines it as “…the
intensification of world-wide social relations which link distant
localities in such a way that distant social happenings are shaped by
events occurring many miles away and vice versa…” this is stating that
globalisation is simply the world being under control of one or few
organisations. The issues surrounding globalisation have seen an
emergence of global social movements. McGrew (2002) describes it as
the process whereby societies, communities, and individuals are
increasingly interconnected around the world.

The other key aspect of globalization is changes in technology,
particularly in transport and communications, which it is claimed are
creating a global village. There is much disagreement about the advent
of globalisation. The term "globalisation" was first coined in the
1980s, but the concept stretches back decades, even centuries, if you
count the trading empires built by Spain, Portugal, Britain, and
Holland. One main aspect prevalent in most societies today is the
diversity in cultures this can be seen in the u.k simply through the
spread of foods such as influences from Europe and Asia. This has lead
to an increase in multi national corporations such as McDonalds and
Microsoft which globally dominate there respective markets. These
changes have undoubtedly been lead by changes in technology and
transport since the Second World War. One issue that has not been
studied in depth in recent years is the impact of the Internet on
globalisation. The Internet has played a major part in the
organisation of New Social Movements, without the Internet,
organisation would be almost impossible. NSM through the use of emails
and websites via the Internet can contact each...

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