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What's In A Name Essay

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What's In a Name 8/12/2014Do Names Matter?Does a name matter so much that it can influence that person's way of life? To a certain degree, yes, it does. Our names bear the basic information about our class, education, and ethnic origin.For example… During a scientific study the world around us would make very bias assumptions about a boy named Tyrone than one named Todd. Yes, the assumptions that are made against these people are usually wrong but these accusations can have a serious influence on life. As well as that, names can influences people's lives and choices.The ways in how we name our children in this day in age have changed from later generations. Many years ago boys names in families were chosen from a list established within the family over generations and generations. This is less true for girls though. Though the most popular names for girls have recently began to rise are the representation of saints. According to facts… In 1912 in America, John and Mary were the most popular names, and since then names have been changing and these two names are becoming one of the most uncommon names.The influence of names change and vary each and every year. It's very much like the stylish clothing lines, music, and hairstyles. They change in months time and will vary for many years throughout. The answer for all of these name changes is taste, complexity, and uniqueness. Zero of the names for girls in 1912 are popular in the latest polls...

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