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What´S Industrial Relations? Essay

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Industrial Relations
Industrial relations is a term that inspects the relationship between the employer and employees in the workplace. It also looks at the direct and indirect industrial relations system for governments, institutions and organizations for example. Industrial relations pursue a system that proves to produce minimal workplace disagreements, increase in incomes, environments created from mutual cooperation and goodwill, and the promotion of democracy through all levels of an organization. Some major benefits from an employer can help an organization if everyone cooperates. For example, if an employer consistently shows contributions to good industrial relations, produces high ...view middle of the document...

This negative effect disrupts the community of workers in the area and in time, the local economy. When some owes some shares, it is positively affected, as the company releases a new device and their profit and stock price rises for example.

The employee from an industrial relations perspective has many stakeholders which contribute or interacts with them that impacts their attitudes and behavior and determine their rights and obligations. If you refer to Appendix 1 a Industrial Relations Stakeholder Road Map sets out the stakeholders. The Stakeholders provide a variety of services to employees and employers in regards to industrial relations. Some of these services are detailed below:
Unions were made to give workers the ability to get a say at a work and in the community. Through working together, members of the union can improve conditions in the workplace for themselves and others. For example they can give workers changes in holiday pay, equal pay, sick pay or superannuation. Every worker, either full time, part-time, casual apprentice etc. is provided with information from a union giving the advice, support and what they can do to be rewarded fairly for their work. CEPU (Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union) is a relatable union that could provide me with useful information as I am looking to get into Electrical. CEPU gives resources that can be used to find out safe work, fair work commission and other services that can help with this task.
“The role of a labour union is to ensure that the balance is not tipped in favor of the employer when employees do not receive wages and benefits commensurate with their contribution” (William Burrus).
Safe Work SA:
Safe Work SA is the main organisation that are responsible for managing occupational safety, health, and welfare laws and certain industrial relations in South Australia. Safe Work SA aim to provide the right resources about the work place, working conditions, industrial relations and WHS (work health and safety). Safe Work SA understands that people are likely to get hurt in the workplace from often unfamiliar hazards or safety procedures in various working conditions. As so, an employed person has the right to be treated fairly in a safe and healthy environment which excludes any sort of harassment or discrimination. It is up to the employer to exchange information about training, working hazards and safe work to the employee to a suitable standard of experience and knowledge.
Fair Work Ombudsman:
Fair Work Ombudsman administrates and provides information and resources to employers and employees about advice in the rights and rules in Australia’s workplace. They look into various industries, terminations, complaints, employment, leave, pay and awards. It offers people the chance to contact the government and get a correct and quick insight to Australia’s workplace relations system. This educates people in fair work practices and the rights and obligations they...

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