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What’s It Worth To You? The Costs And Affordances Of Cmc Tools To Asian And American Users

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What’s it Worth to You? The Costs and Affordances of CMC Tools to Asian and American Users (paper)
Leslie Setlock and Susan Fussell from Cornell University looked into how Asian and American users differ in their communication goals. This affected perceived affordances using various computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools.

An individual’s cultural context affected the person’s perception of appropriateness for using a communication medium. For example, Americans used email in a less formal manner whereas Asians were generally found to write emails using the more formal letter format. Feelings of uncertainty as a result of an individual’s language skills and fluency affected the communication method used. Emails were preferred compared to face-to-face mediums for complex communication tasks for non-English speakers because it allowed time to reflect and formulate a response. For any communication tool, a conflict exists between the appropriateness and fluency anxiety. A communication method that may be appropriate for a given cultural context may hamper communications due to fluency issues.

This paper emphasized that difference in cross-cultural communication exists but there is not an underlying theoretical framework that adequately addresses all scenarios.

Communication, Collaboration, and Bugs: The Social Nature of Issue Tracking in Small, Collocated Teams (paper)
This paper from Dave Bertram, Amy Voida, Saul Greenberg, and Robert Walker from the University of Calgary discussed how issue tracking systems, such as FogBugz, are used. They found that since issue tracking is inherently a social activity, a range of practices exists in how organizations use issue tracking systems.

Bertram commented that issue tracking systems need to be flexible because tracking bugs is difficult. Additionally issue trackers are not just a database for bugs, features, and inquiries, but may also function as a communication and collaboration tool between stakeholders. Customers, developers, and external groups may all contribute to the tracker’s contents. As such, this transforms the issue tracker into a communication forum and a coordination hub.

This paper accurately identifies the role FogBugz currently plays within our organization. Often times, cases that are listed are not merely bug reports, but also in field crashes, customer feature requests, and tasks that cross product and functional boundaries.

Information Needs in Bug Reports: Improving Cooperation Between Developers and Users (paper)
This paper from Silvia Breu, Rahul Premraj, Jonathan Sillito, and Thomas Zimmermann from the University of Calgary examined 600 bug reports from the Mozilla and Eclipse open source projects and tracked how the reports were handled. The researchers found that bugs reports that were successfully resolved all followed a distinct pattern throughout the life of the report.

The researchers analyzed the type of communication between the bug...

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