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What´S Just In Time Manufacturing ?

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Since final decades of the twentieth century, with the decline of Ford manufacturing systems, manufacturers throughout the world have been looking to create pure and flexible processes to improve their business performance at the network level. Among various methods, administrators and researchers around the world focused on new production models based on techniques such as Just in Time Manufacturing (JIT) and Total Quality Control (TQC) as an alternative to traditional methods of production and called it world-class production or pure production or Toyota Production System, due to its origin. The dominant feature of these systems is rejecting the hypothesis of necessity of trade-offs ...view middle of the document...

This approach is taken centered around eliminating losses. Loss has different states and there is any time and any place. Loss can be hidden in policies, procedures, processes, products and operation design. Loss consumes resources but does not add any value to the product. Pure manufacturing reduces manufacturing costs of product unit by putting efforts in removing losses and at the same time enhances the product quality. Use of pure manufacturing methodology reduces production times, increases products quality, increases staff efficiency, increases the flexibility against market, reduces inventory, increases the life of machinery and equipment and finally reduces overhead costs. Pure manufacturing uses tools like one piece flow, visual management, kaizen, cellular manufacturing, inventory management, Pucca Yukeh, work standardization, workplace organization, quick-change / reduction of setup time and reduction of losses to reduce production wastes [1] [2].
Pure production methodology is beyond programs or simple techniques. This methodology provides a new approach of the coalition of vision, culture and strategy and should be implemented as an integrated system to establish a culture and operating philosophy in order to modify or eliminate activities that do not create added value [3].
Generally, those activities offer added value that customer pays for them and other activities are loss in view of customer and should be reduced or eliminated. Hence, the value flow refers to those features of company that add value to the subject products or services [2].
Over the past years, many tools have been developed to support the value flow and are being proposed. Value mapping system (VMS) was introduced by Router and Shock [4] and was welcomed. This tool provides two possibilities: one, identification and understanding the interdependencies of functions, departments and even units together, and the other, getting a comprehensive view of conditions that traditional tools of engineering are not able to record it.
Jones and Vomak [5] have described value mapping as follows: "Direct observation of materials and information flow as it happens in the moment, summarizing them as a picture in the form of as is status, and finally, taking into account an objective condition for future with a performance better than the current situation." This unique concept of mapping helps to depict...

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