What Is Knowledge Management(Km), The Use Of Km In Today's Business Environment

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Total Words : 3121 (Including Executive Summary and Appendices)ContentsNo. Description Page No1. Executive Summary....................................................... 32. Introduction ................................................................ 43. Sainsbury's PLC as a Knowledge-Based Organisation.... 54. Introduction of GlobalNetXchage .................................. 75. Transformation Process ............................................... 86. Knowledge Management Strategy ............................... 107. Conclusion and Recommendation ................................ 118. Reference and Appendix ............................................. 12Executive SummaryThe coursework is mainly focused on the organisational changes in past few years. According to Prof. Petew , from Warwick Business School. There is a huge change in UK and some of the international firms across the globe. Every company, specially a knowledge-based firm, is trying to be more focused in utilising knowledge of its people within the organisation to achieve their business targets.The Knowledge is the most powerful tool of any organisation, it is an intangible asset which does not appear on the company's financial statements. Some small organisations thinks that they do not have to do anything with it. In fact, knowledge management is the most powerful tool for every size of organisation and it does not discriminate of its size or any industry it is running in.A tacit knowledge is something which is in mind of the person , it can not be articulated or transformed but, when shared with other colleagues . It can help in converting it to explicit knowledge. Companies are now aligning their strategies, where an exciting culture can introduced where knowledge sharing can be encouraged and rewarded.'To remain competitive, organisations must efficiently and effectively create, locate, capture, and share their organisation's knowledge and expertise'Michael H ZackSloan Management Review 1998(Lecture Notes)In this coursework, the company I chose for my research in this particular areas is J-Sainsbury's Plc, In year 2000, the company introduce a new supply chain information system along with nine more retailers in UK. The system called GlobelNetXchange or GNX toolkit can provide information to its members by sharing their knowledge and experience.Our membership with GlobelNetXchange is a step change in the way we and our suppliers conduct business and it will create greater efficiencies for our buyers and seller. Sainsbury's has already held a number of global-online reverse auctions and we aim to purchase 75 per cent of our goods in this way.J-Sainsbury's PlcAnnual Report and Account 2000GNX has changed some structural and procedural changes within Organisation, these changes are explained in section B. This initiative has given the company to be one of the best retailer in the industry by providing the best product availability system, which has enhanced their customer...

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