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What´S Knowledge Translation? Essay

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Knowledge Translation

The ignorance of available research evidence, health care delivery loses opportunity to provide benefit to the patients and may harm significantly (Dawes et al 2005). Therefore, health care professionals are now adopting new innovative evidence based practices in addition to traditional practices. Moreover, evidence based practice (EBP) is rapidly gaining popularity because of its ability to manage clinical issues and deliver effective patient care (Majid et al 2011). EBP is the conscientious amalgamation of best research knowledge with clinician’s expertise and patient values and requirements in the delivery of better health care (Burns and Grove 2009: ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, evidenced based knowledge of Robson, Dodd, and Thomas (2009) is utilised in the KT plan for a small group of Community Health Nurses (CHNs) from Community Health Care Centre (CHC) of Gwalior, India. Furthermore, it will hope to achieve following objectives-

 To create awareness regarding new evidenced based knowledge and identifies influencing factors (facilitators and barriers) for the KT.
 To propose some strategies with appropriate justification for the transformation of the new knowledge.
 To propose and justify some methods of an evaluation for the KT plan.

The desired change in the practice of chronic wound care is triggered by the significant cost of an existing treatment practice. The new evidenced based knowledge of chronic wound care with standardised antibacterial honey (Robson, Dodd, and Thomas 2009) could improve quality of life and lessen the utilisation of health care resources. The targeted audience, who will implement this new knowledge in practice, is a small group of CHNsfrom CHC in Gwalior, India. They are targeted as audience because they are responsible to implement the protocol of wound prevention and treatment for the community people.

Identified stakeholders are may have an interest in the EBP and can understand the importance of evidence based KT because of their higher education perspective. Therefore, key stakeholders are head consultant and senior specialist clinician such as Advanced Practitioner. Head consultant accepts the responsibility for the care of all patients referred to them and Advanced Practitioner supervises staff nurses in clinical practice. They perceived as stakeholders because they can access resources and manage a specific department for the new evidenced based clinical practice

Translation of the best available research knowledge for a change is a complex process. Some factors are expected to affect new knowledge transfer process to the targeted audience within the selected context. Barriers for CHNs are lack of time to access research, lack of awareness of the latest research, seeking clinical experience knowledge from peers, their professionals’ attitudes such as resistance to accept the new clinical practice.Evidenced based practice has been defined as a solution generation approach for any focused clinical question which combines organised way of search strategy and critical appraisal skills for relevant evidences (Le May and Holmes 2012). Therefore, lack of time for accessing research or research based knowledge and critiquing skill might affect the new knowledge into acceptance. Furthermore, seeking information from experienced colleagues in the same area of practice is expected to affect the acceptance of new evidenced based knowledge. Their information presents their own positions and may not support by any relevant evidence which is a less valid form of evidence (Craig and Smyth 2012).

Facilitation is a process which...

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