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What Is Needed To Be Successful On A Professional Field

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Being successful on a professional field requires a lot of efforts and dedication. Before one could enter a new profession, one needs to know and understand the underlying rules and norms required to fit in to a target profession. Different professions have their own different norms, traditions, and forms of communication. In order to achieve a common goal, some professions might require one to have a lot of technical skills, and some might require great communication and writing skills. One might be able to define this as a discourse community. The term discourse community can be identified as “a grouping of people who share common language norms, characteristics, patterns, or practices as a consequence of their ongoing communications and identification with each other.” ( Understanding the importance of such underlying rules and norms of a discourse community is important as it gives someone an insight on how to fully incorporate oneself to this kind of environment. In this assignment and the course of this paper, I will investigate a discourse community I am hoping to join professionally. The professional discourse community I am hoping to join is business. With my specific discourse community being business, there was a wide range of disciplines for me to choose from. The one that interests me the most is management. I became interested in business management as a major due its broad field for someone like me to explore and enhance my skills and knowledge on how business works and its day to day processes. For that being said, I interviewed a professional in the business management field and done a research on it to learn the underlying rules, traditions, patterns, communication and writing skills needed to enter and succeed on such professional discourse community and hopefully foster my business knowledge.

Background and Career Path
Ms. M’s background
Being able to utilize information from someone working inside my particular discourse community which is business management is a great start for a hopeful entrant like me. For that being said, I interviewed someone who has a deeper understanding on how management works and the things I needed to do to enter and hopefully succeed on such a specific discourse community. The person that I am talking about is the assistant manager on a retail store I am working at right now and for the privacy of the interviewee, we will just call her Ms. M. Aside from Ms. M’s experience working on the business management field for more than 5 years, she also had a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration to back up her portfolio as a professional. She started as a department manager 5 years ago in a different retail store company and went to apply to get her current job right now as an assistant manager. According to her, her experiences from her past job as a department manager helped her to better understand what it is to be like to be a professional manager. She was drawn to this particular...

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