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What´S Organizational Psychology? Essay

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Organisational climate as a concept was first researched by Kurt Lewin within the Industrial and Organisational Psychology, where he argued that behaviour is a function of the person and the environment (Litwin & Stringer, 1968). In the 1970s, the concept gained momentum being researched extensively focusing on organisational climate, job satisfaction and organisational structure (Guion, 1973; LaFollette & Sims, 1975, Drexler, 1977).
Alongside organisational climate concept development, organisational culture concept emerged from research findings that suggested that organisational culture is an inter twined approach to understand the beliefs and attitudes of individual members about their ...view middle of the document...

Forehand, (1968) emphasises is placed on measurable outcomes and its impact on productivity. From the social system dimension, the effects of managers on organizational climate were observed (Butcher & Houston, 1994); Organizational climate was assayed from a human resources management aspect (Ren, Huang & Zheng, 2001). A significant correlation has been identified between organizational climate and employee performance (Spruill, 2008). While Zhang (2010) outline that micro and macro modes are apparent in the investigation of organisational climate. He cited the example that from the ecological dimension, organizational climate was investigated in companies with different levels of performance (Kangis, Gordon & Williams, 2000); In recent years, more and more researchers consider that the micro mode not only measures organizational climate accurately, but also is of more practical value to the organization (Ren, Huang & Zheng, 2001; Tang & Chen, 2001) .
Collectively, these studies outline a critical point that organisational climate can be defined differently depending on the individual perspective and orientation. However common among definitions is that organisational climate is the perceptions, feelings and attitudes that organisational...

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