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What´S Over Hunting? Essay

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Overhunting: is the practice or the act of killing animals (wild animals) as game or sport.
Overgrazing: to allow animals to graze with no limitation, which result damaging the vegetation cover.
Overfishing: is non-sustainable use of sea resources, because of the over capturing fishes.

Tragedy of commons:
Resources with no owners found in a wide area, which cause problems in the use if these resource. Some people may use the resources quickly to stop other individuals from using it. These resources are called common property resources.

Creating the awareness about environmental problems among students.
Motivating students to participate in environment protection and environment improvement.
Imparting knowledge about human activity and its allied problems to the environment.

Main Topics

Overhunting and overfishing effect:
Fish size, profusion, species structure and genotypic variety will be affected because of ...view middle of the document...

Climate change and increased greenhouse gases, which eventually causes Ozone layer depletion.


Proposed solutions

Solutions For overhunting:
Putting rare species (Animal and plants) into nature reserves.
Spread awareness about negative of hunting as a sport and how it affects the ecosystem.
Restrain falconry
Create a Conservation groups
Solutions for Overfishing:
Allow the fishes to reproduce and enforce a law considering the season of fishing, the size of fishes to capture.
Educating fisherman, stores and hotels.
Force sellers to pay taxes if they sell smaller fish size.
Solutions for over grassing:
Enforce laws on farmers to reduce the grazing by only graze what the vegetation supply.
Reducing cutting tree projects.
Desert plantation.
Reducing grassing and farming projects.


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