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What is "Patriotism"? According to Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, patriotism is the love for or devotion to one's country. One of the earliest known organization in this country is the Society of the Cincinnati, according to Britannica. Formed in May,1783 as a hereditary, military, and patriotic organization. Its objectives were to promote union and national honor In order to find out what patriotism means to Americans, I interviewed 5 people of different ages and background. The questions that were asked were: (1) what does patriotism mean to you?, (2) has your idea or attitude of patriotism change since September 11, 2001?, and (3)How do you show your patriotism? (ex. Flags, button clothes and etc.).The first person I interviewed was Alice Henderson, a 51-year-old middle-class liberal democrat, who believes that patriotism is unthinking. She believes that patriotism like any "-ism", is a state of mind which closes narrow lines of thought in on themselves, admitting no question, no criticism, or analysis. After 9/11/01, Alice attitude of patriotism has tighten against patriotism. She feels the more flags are saluted, the less open and creative the society. Hence, if we are to be guardian of a robust and viable society, we must keep track of what tends to weaken and divide us into the "ins" and the "outs".The second person I interviewed was Henry Grant, a 32-year-old upper middle class republican. He believes patriotism stands for freedom. It stands constitutional freedoms, inalienable rights, freedom in a capitalist market, and freedom of opinion for all. Since 9/11/01, his ideas and attitude has tighten for patriotism. His attitude that the ribbon campaign is dedicated to protecting and recognizing the American flag as well as standing for freedom in America and in the world. It stands as method for citizens of the United States, patriots, and defenders of "Old Glory" to voice their support of our flag and for freedom.Henry believes in displaying flags, wearing patriotic clothes, pins and buttons.The third person I interviewed was Katie Ford, a 24-year-old independent.She believes that Americans should be patriotic and show a love of their country.Katie believes that patriotism should come before capitalism. That we are Americans first, long before our pursuit of capitalism. Katie watched September 11th's event with disbelief and said the whole reality of the tragedy still has not sunk in. It is important to her for everyone to realize and not forget how strong our market is and our country is. Katie displays her flag on her house for show.The fourth person I interviewed was Rita Lee. She is a 16-year-old junior in a good thing if the person really means it. Rita thinks people are following behind each other like sheep since 9/11/01 in patriotism. She feels America and our flag stand for freedom and liberty. This means that a person a right to choose whether to be patriotic or not.The fifth and final person I interviewed was Willie...

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