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What´S Plagiarism? Essay

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Laura Ashley Romero
Professor Flory
SYG2000, W, 6:00PM-9:50PM
16 April 2014
Plagiarism Assignment

Plagiarism Assignment

Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s words as your own without citing or giving credit to the author. Plagiarism can come in many forms and it could be as simple as not citing a document or phrase correctly. Plagiarism is wrong because it is a form of cheating and your are essentially stealing someone else’s thoughts, ideas, or words and presenting them as if they were your own. Not giving credit to an author or the original writer is not only ethically wrong, but it also violates the copyright protection laws in the United States. Plagiarism is a serious ...view middle of the document...

“All BC student are expected to have a basic understanding of copyright law and to adhere to all laws regarding Copyright, Fair Use and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and to act in good faith when using copyrighted materials to support their educational and research activities. Copyrighted material includes text, music, videos, games, movies, and software” stated in the Copyright compliance (2013-2014, pg.77).
“ The College maintains partnerships with external institutions including, but not limited to, educational institutions, libraries, and health service providers. A student who violates the rules of a College partner is also subject to BC Policy, including the College Student Code of Conduct. Additionally, a student who violates the College Student Code of Conduct may also be found to have violated the rules of a College partner.” Stated in the Student code of Conduct (2013-2014, pg.70)
To conclude, I will never plagiarize again because now I am fully aware of all the...

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