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firstly what is renewable energy? “Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale.” my own definition of renewable energy is energy that can be used over and over again without dying off.
Hydropower, wind energy, solar power and geothermal energy are all renewable energy sources. hydropower functions by using energy from water, making it fall down a certain distance and that then turns a turbine which collects the energy and turns it into electrical energy. wind energy extracts the energy produced by the wind with big fancy looking windmills called wind turbines. the wind blows into the turbine causing it to turn. the turning turbine is connected to a magnet. the energy from the turning turbine then travels to the magnet and is turned into electrical energy. Solar energy uses the heat of the sun to create electrical ...view middle of the document...

so when you want to build the dam you have to move all the people out of the area and find them a new home. some people won't like the idea and wont want to move so you need to then bribe them and since you can't just bribe one family or house because it will be unfair meaning you need to bribe all of the houses and then on top of that by new houses for them. at that stage you haven't even put any money into the hydropower plant. So buy the time you have moved everyone out of the area you have already spent over 10 million dollars at least. then you spend another 10 million dollars at least on your hydro plant. so is it really worth getting a hydropower plant? im going to say yes it is as yes you spend lots of money building the plant and moving people out of the area and you lose some land but at the end of the day you will get all the money that you put into the building of the plant back and you won't harm the environment in anyway meaning the human race will be able to live for longer. there are some downs to hydropower electricity but on the whole it will be a lot better compared to the energy we are presently using today coal. coal is a whole lot cheaper and doesn't need as many technical parts to function but its not renewable and pollutes the earths environment. that means one day there will be no more coal or everyone on the earth will have died off.

Here in South Africa we have lots of windy cities like Port Elizabeth and East London. why not then use that energy that gets produced over and over again compared to using coal and other forms of non-renewable energy which will eventually run out. why not keep those non-renewable energy sources for when they are really needed. for example when a wind turbine stops working or when there is no wind. No wind thats the only problem with using the wind turbines as your form of energy. so I would say that hydropower is still the best viable option. wind is still an option but is just cheaper than hydropower to install but won't be as reliable as hydropower.

solar energy in todays present world is already playing quite a big role in terms of powering pool pumps or geysers.

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