What Is Required By Man In The World Of The Iliad.

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Expectations of Man in the IliadBattles and death all around thousands of men every single day in the days of the Trojan War. The Iliad, was written by a Greek writer named Homer, and it takes place during the ninth year of the Trojan War. The Iliad, is believed to have been written between 750 and 650 B.C., and took place in the city of Troy. The fighting begins with a querrel over two women and who they belong to. The war is about Menelaes trying to retreive his wife Helen from Paris' son Priam, the king of Troy. Men had to have control over what they do, in order to help their city-states survive. According to Homers' Iliad the world required man to display admiral characteristics and have good integrity to be accepted by their society and acheive in life.Men, to survive in society, have to be brave and not yield to any force on the battlefield in order to acheive glory and fame in their world. Homer often described the men who where heroes as fierce animals in the wild. 'Now gripping this,Hefting a pair of spears, he joined the battle,formidable as some hill-bred lion, ravenousfor meat after long abstinence. His valorsummons him to attempt homesteads and flocks-and though he find herdsmen on hand with dogsand spears to guard the sheep, he will not turnwithout a fling at the stockade.' (Homer 12.335-342)Hektor, a very fierce warrior for the Trojans is compared to a Lion, because of his human power and strength. Homer's similes give the reader a true visualization of what is happening in the epic poem. War is very scary and devastating to the warriors and their families. 'Now the earthgrew stained with bright blood as men fell in deathclose to one another: Trojans, allies,and Danaans, too, for they, too bled,although far fewer died-each one rememberingto shield his neighbor from the fatal stroke.' (Homer 17.405-410)This shows how every one will live with the memories of the horror of war. War is not a fun and adventurous event in life, but it is a catastrophic social problem in the world of The Iliad.'Ah, cousin, could we but survive this warto live forever deathless, without age,I would not ever go again to battle,Nor would I sent you there for honor's sake!But now a thousand shapes of death surround us,And no man can escape them, or be safe...(Homer 12.363-369)This quotation from Sarpedon to Glaukos telling him that if he was eternal and could live forever, he would never go into war again because of how tragic war really is. For man to protect himself and his loved ones he must be very strong, emotionally and physically, and very brave to keep on fighting after horror every single day.Admirable characteristics that man must have in the world of The Iliad are the value of friendship and respect of the dead. Friendship was a very big part of the Trojan War. Every single man had their best true friend, to help them through tough times in and out of battle. Akhilleus the most powerful and feared warrior in the whole war had a very...

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2153 words - 9 pages . In the text, the author wrote "The hero spoke like this, and bent the heart of his brother since he urged justice." (154) We can see another example that Agamemnon is a hero in Iliad in a sentence "The hero spoke like this and bent the heart of his brother since he urged wisely" (171). Agamemnon is care about his brother deeply. When Menelaos attends to fight with Hector, he caught Menelaos by the right hand, and called his brother by name, and

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