What´S Teen Anxiety? Essay

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Anxiety has a main definition; a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease. Although, it has its single definition, each person diagnosed with anxiety has different symptoms. With that, some have more severe cases of the actual diagnosis. It has been noted that anxiety has had an increase in teens recently. In the last 30 years, the statistics for anxiety in fifteen to sixteen year olds have doubled for both girls and boys (“Increased Levels of Anxiety…” 1). It is said, “in societal moments like the one we are in…it often feels as if ours is the Age of Anxiety”(Henig 1). Anxiety affects teenagers profusely because the emotions of a teenager are more vulnerable than those of an adult. The ...view middle of the document...

A number of cases of anxiety are genetic. A huge part of the anxiety diagnosis originates from the parents raising the child. The love or lack of love a child receives has a large impact on the development of anxiety in a child. There are not many solutions that can be made to “fix” the problems a teen has within their family. Each child has one mother and one father and has a relationship with each. Whether or not the relationship is healthy and benefitting the child can be one of the most contributing factors of anxiety.
It is said that it is absolutely impossible to get rid of all stress. Although, it is not impossible to reduce some of the stress one has. For example, what a lot of teens do not know is that they a small fraction of stress on themselves. Of course it is not on purpose, but the term “procrastination” has become very popular in high school vocabulary. The stress that originates in school work is directly tied to procrastination. Teens put off homework and make it the very last priority. Once the time comes where they realize they have a minimal time to finish whatever it is they were assigned they begin to stress. They stress about whether or not it will get finished, the quality of the work, and the grade they will receive. What teens do not bother to think about is, if their assignments were the first thing they finished and were made a priority, then half of that stress would not exist. Another factor that teens can somewhat control is their friends and dating relationships. The average teen craves attention and love from everyone around them that they do not look out for toxic relationships. The craving for popularity distracts the mind from the toxics that are being fed to them. Once the relationships finally come to an end, teens are left with plenty of baggage that begins to stress them out later in life.

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