What Is The Most Common Injury In Sports?

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Currently, many athletes across the world suffer from a common injury in not only one but almost every sport. This injury is one with serious side effects and can permanently end any athlete's career. Have you ever wondered what kind of injury could be bad enough to end an athlete's career? What it feels like or how it is even caused? Most athletes are not prepared for an injury like this, nor, are they ever expecting to get one but sometimes it just happens depending on how physical the sport being played may be or how well the athlete protects him/herself from injuries.
The most common injury in sports, are traumatic brain injuries or better known as T.B.I.’s. Concussions are a very common T.B.I. in athletes they’re also a huge concern to school trainers, doctors and coaches. A concussion is a common traumatic brain injury where the brain gets shook around too hard and causes the brain to hit the skull and ultimately get bruised. “Each year, U.S. emergency departments (EDs) treat an estimated 173,285 sports and recreation-related TBIs, including concussions, among children and adolescents, from birth to 19 years.” (CDC.GOV)
there have been a great amount of reports of famous athletes that their career ended short due to multiple concussions.
There are many sports that are physical and contain a lot of athletes who have had concussions such as ice hockey where not only can it be dangerous when someone could easily get cut open by the sharp skates but are also shoving each other against walls, throwing each other to the ground and constantly fighting. Even though they wear helmets and some pads that doesn’t really protect against the physicality of the sport let alone from concussions.
Soccer not being as physically demanding as ice hockey or football, soccer is another sport that does use physicality but can only be in a certain way to be legal and doesn’t really use protection all soccer players use as protection are shin guards to protect from being kicked in the shins no pads, no helmets just some shin guards. There is a girl who used to play soccer for Stanford named Emily Oliver who “was one of the best goalkeepers in the country” (FitzGerald). Oliver’s career is now over she didn’t want to risk going impaired to just keep playing soccer even though that was her favorite sport where she was a privilege to watch play. Concussions aren’t that hard to get but are the worst to have and there are multiple side effects and absolutely anyone could receive one, but they’re pretty easy to cure all the victim with a concussion needs to heal is some time and relaxation.
Concussions are not that easy to detect, they’re not like a broken bone where you can see it. Just last year I managed to get a concussion right before a soccer game while the team was warming up, we were on our last warm up exercise where we had to jump up and collide with another partner. My partner came in way too hard and I took an elbow to the eye, my eye swelled up to the...

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