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What's The Appropiate Menu For A Baby Shower?

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There's no special recipe for a baby shower food and drinks menu, usually depends on the audience and who is going to participate. Another aspect is when the baby shower taking place? Is it a warm afternoon, a lovely sunset or a light dinner? Based upon previous factors, here are some menu tips, sketching sophisticated healthy dishes appropiate for baby showers.


When speaking about food think at the whole room full of guests. Are there only females? Or you can see some gentlemen, children maybe old relatives. If it's a mixed audience then food menu will be totally different from an all female party for example.
1) Appetizers - when having a girl party it's better to choose some fresh appetizers teasing the atmosphere with some carrot zucchini bars or small triangled cucumber sandwiches next to a red-green bouquet of pepper dips and fried mozzarella boccocini. On the other hand, a mixed audience including men and children may need a small plus of proteins so go for some delicious saucy asian meatballs not mentioning bacon and cream cheese suffed mushrooms. For more consistency you can add up some broccoli and cheddar twice-baked potatoes and a cheesy pull apart bread.
2) Main course - is not necessary if you're organisig an afternoon baby shower. However if the party is extending than it will be mandatory to add a warm plate to your menu. No need to be over sophisticated, just choose a soft warm dish like grill eggplant with tomatoes and cheese. If dealing with mixed audience you can serve a lasagna soup which is the most popular modern dish for a baby shoer plus is also very consistent so your guests will be fully satisfied. For a light late dinner surprise your audience with a casserole of white cheddar and parmesan mac and cheese, it's delicious and it melts...

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