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What´S The Communication Disorder? Essay

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Incidence and Prevalence
The communication disorder commonly referred to as ‘stuttering’ affects more people than one may perceive. There is more than 55-60 million people around the world who suffer from this disorder.2, 3, 4 Making up 1% of the world’s population, stuttering may be caused by a nongenetic or genetic cause. Much research agrees that early intervention is the best way to help cure this communication disorder.28

In the United States alone, there is 3 million Americans who currently stutter.2

Stuttering is a disorder that can be found anywhere you go. Across all cultures, roughly 1% of people have a stuttering disorder.37 This includes all cultures and races ...view middle of the document...

Before age 3, the child has a much better chance of outgrowing it within 6 months.7, 8
The most frequent comorbid disorders identified with stuttering happen to be, attention deficit hyperactivity (51.4%) and anxiety disorders (25.7%).14  An person with this disorder may be afflicted on many different poignant levels and also eliciting many harmful reactions and side effects such as, lack of self-confidence, depression, social phobia and poor use of communication skills.33
Possible Causes
Genetics: Although there is evidence pointing to the importance of non-genetic variation in the causes behind stuttering; there is no clear proof that exists in the involvement of genetic variation.34 Studies have shown that genetic factors have strongly influenced the development of this disorder and previous studies of stuttering have identified linkage to markers on chromosome 12.36 Evidence of familial concentration of stuttering is due to genetic transmission, and the interaction of genetic predisposition with environmental factors and is affected by the individual’s sex.34, 35 Researchers have yet to discover or find a specific type of genetic transmission.
Child Development: Early intervention is important for every child, whether the disorder appears to be strong or weak.23, 24 Contributing aspects are all possible, that’s why it’s important to stay on the safe side and take precaution. Children with other speech and language problems or developmental delays are more likely to stutter.10
Neurophysiology: The way information is processed emerges to have some sort of association to those who stutter.16 Recent neurological research has shown that people who stutter process speech and language slightly differently than those who do not stutter.
Environmental- Environmental influences play a crucial role in some if not all onsets of stuttering. Who they’re around and what they’re usually accustomed to.
Family Dynamics: High assumptions and fast-paced lifestyles may also subsidize to stuttering.17 Adjusting to a fast paste life as a child is complex and difficult for them to easily adapt to. Their brains are unable to comprehend all of what’s happening at once. This is leading them to see or think of things they shouldn’t be worried about.18
Trauma: Studies have shown that brain trauma is a clear indicator of stuttering having found the abnormality. 19, 20

Prevention-if there are any research articles to support this
Recommended Treatments

Currently there is no cure for stuttering, but there are a variation of different treatments available.38 The treatments will alter,...

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