What Is The Design Of Roman Cities?

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Cities are built in different ways and one Question I have always wanted to know is what is the design of roman cities. This paper will tell you the answer to this question in form of three other questions. How did they build their cities? Why did they build them this way? and Do we still build cities this way?

When the Romans built their cities they always added aqueducts. They also made almost everything out of concrete and started using over 2100 years ago. They built lots of fountains all around the city in different sizes, shapes, and designs. They also had amphitheatres which were very big and they mostly only had one amphitheatres per city near the edge of the city. (“10 Innovations That Built Ancient Rome”, 2013)

More things they did when they built their cities were. They built walls around their major cities. The markets were in the middle of the city selling various items. Also they put two main roads in their cities. One heading north-south and the other heading east-west intersecting at the middle of the city called the forum. (“Roman Cities”, 2013)

The reason They built their cities this way was for function, protection, looks, and entertainment. here are some specific reasons for the certain things. They put aqueducts in their cities so they could have running water and be able to have public bathrooms and public baths. Their public baths had four stages. The first is the room where they get undressed, the second is where they stretched and put on oil ( they didn’t use soap), the third where they got in a super hot bath, and the last where they got in a super cold bath to cool down from the super hot one. ("Roman Technology.", 2013)
They used concrete in the building of their buildings because it was super durable and lasted for a long time. Some of their buildings have been standing for hundreds of years. The reason they built so many fountains was they all have different uses. Some of the fountains were made to honor certain gods others were for washing close in and some were for the extra water from the aqueducts. They made amphitheatres so they could give plays in them and they also...

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