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What Is The Effect Of Horizontal Violence On The Burn Out Rate Of Registered Nurses?

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What is the Effect of Horizontal Violence on The Burn Out Rate of Registered Nurses?

B. L. Russell
Shenandoah University


Dr. Pamela Webber

October 2, 2013

Mailbox # 260

What is the Effect of Horizontal Violence on the Burn Out Rate of Registered Nurses?
Research shows horizontal violence to be prevalent in the field of registered nursing. Although a comprehensive quantity of incidences within the profession is undetermined, the literature is in agreement such phenomenon exists and the effects of which require further scholarly observation and evaluation.
Research Question
What is the effect of horizontal violence on the burn out rate of registered nurses?
Systematic Review of Literature
Research indicates the relationship between horizontal violence and the burn out rate of registered nurses to be epistemologically significant due to a determined prevalence of nonphysical violence in the health care setting and the potential nature, severity and ubiquitous state of its prospective consequences. This systematic review will examine the aforementioned phenomenon in further detail with a focus on specific implications, if any, on the burn out rate of registered nurses.
Horizontal Violence
The literature agrees upon generalized characteristics of horizontal violence framing the construct in words and phrases, such as interpersonal conflict, nonphysical violence, aggression, hostility, unwanted abuse and harmful behavior in the work environment. However, it does not contain a standardized definition that is precise enough for collective understanding amongst the discipline to occur. Such lexical ambiguity yields the interpretational inconsistencies and application variances demonstrated within the literature. For instance, (Ditmer and Wilson) found the term “bullying” to be a hyponym of horizontal violence, whereas Weaver and Bercher discerns “bullying” to be independent of transient semantic relation to horizontal violence. Bechers way of defining the construct also diverges from the collective literature by placing specificity upon the frequency of transpired events. Becher states horizontal violence is contingent upon the recurrence of nonphysical violent behaviors over an undetermined amount of time. Conversely the definition described by (XXXXXXXXX) contains opportunity within the language to classify an isolated event an act of horizontal violence. The literature supports the notion that the concept of horizontal violence needs to be explored further and exactly defined within the discipline.
Burn Out Rate
The operationalization of burn out rate varies amongst the literature. (Oyeleye)
According to Oyeleye (2013), “Burn out is a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and personal accomplishment (lack of)” (p. 536). Oyeleye further describes burn out to consist of low self esteem, inability to cope and care for ones self, and...

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