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What’s The Grade For Home Schools Pass Or Fail?

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“Education is one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought.” by Bertrand A. Russell (1872-1970). Thinking about the different opportunities of education and how it has manifested in today’s society, allowing students to gain various learning techniques. In this day and age people are able to cater to each child’s specific needs or wants in the classroom. But just like any other instance, where something can go completely great can have bad outcomes as well. With the topic on education there is the option of homeschooling, public, private and religious based institutions. Each of the institutions offers students different things and can cater to each individual in a ...view middle of the document...

In most cases this being in act allows time that becomes ideal to the child and is the perfect opportunity for them to learn and grow. Giving the child the attention they deserve is important but actually building a relationship with learning and making it positive to learn. Overall, the opportunity for parents to have the advantage of having complete control over their child’s education, the content that is taught, the way that it is presented is the point of homeschooling.
In the article “Changing Education From the Grassroots Up." Tim Goral believes opinions on public education have been impacted heavily by the “assault on American public education today coming from federal government, coming from the foundations, coming from so many right-wing public policy think tanks that it is immensely destabilizing”. His article pointed to his beliefs that schools being hit with a tsunami of demands for change are “deliberate”. This is a national effort to “destabilize and to undermine public confidence in public education and to make people feel that things are so desperate that anything is worth trying”. But, the outcome is people opening charter schools who are totally unqualified. One thing that could be done that would really make a difference would be to have less standardized testing; to have teachers make their own tests instead of relying on testing companies, which is what other countries in the world do. In his article, he mentions another opportunity to redeem public school: “There has to be a grassroots movement of parents and educators”. He recommends parents and educators get together and rally against the “national effort to undermine public education”, to make people think that it stinks and anything is better than having community public schools. The best way to spread the message is for lots of people to share it, talk about it, and see how they can mobilize to strengthen their public schools, not to defend the status quo. (Goral)
But with the pros of homeschooling, like any other method of learning comes the negatives and how things can easily go from sweet to sour. Although being able to set your own schedules and create your own lesson plans that could become too much of a self-obligation, which is not idealistic for a young student. The things that homeschooler’s face are the loneliness and not being continuously around people that allows them to interact. In most cases homeschooled children struggle with interacting in new situations, especially regarding ones that deal with inside the classroom and classmates.
In the article "The Homeschool Apostates” by Kathryn Joyce she explained what occurred in the house she grew up in and what she had to face in a situation she went through. She...

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