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What´S The Internet? Essay

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The internet is the basic tool for communication and sharing information or data. It comes from the ARPANET which is advanced research projects agency and was mainly used by the military, and has evolved in such a way that has made impact in people’s lives professionally or socially (Almagor, 2011). The main purpose of this research is to see the impacts internet has on our daily lives and whether its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

What is internet?

The internet is a huge network which connects devices globally and allows them to share information. It is now a tool used either for business, research, socializing etc. and also growing rapidly giving people easier ...view middle of the document...

g. the youth is using phones with an internet connection or tablets and most of them have social network accounts. It improves the way documents are presented in such a way that a lecture doesn’t have to mark different handwritings and they are replaced by a word-processing formats using software’s such as office e.g. through the online word processors you can track whether the student didn’t plagiarized the information or copied.

The learning environment in the internet eliminates prejudice that certain people might face directly or indirectly in school while attending full time e.g. having racial difference might affect the way other fellow students are looking at you or interacting with you. It can also encourage group discussions between peers and which is good for research also new discoveries e.g. if the students are only studying online and to be able to complete tasks they have to create groups with people all over the world. The students can also access up-to-date information because the school can have its private network and which can only be accessed by registered students e.g. information based such as edulink can be accessed anywhere as long you have the connection. It also builds the courage to complete tasks alone and prepares students to be able to handle pressure in the workplace e.g. the company can look at the independence as a skill needed for a good employee. It stimulates the mind in being creative and can create analytic thinkers when it comes to problem solving e.g. if the is a task you not dependant in a team and that makes tasks to be completed faster.

The people who use internet for education become dependent in technology more rather than exploring other tools to obtain their research e.g. before the impact of the internet in people’s school work , students used to research by even asking people who are already in the field and used interviews as a research. The internet gives challenges in things like the growth of the student database as the internet grows rapidly and the institution should be scalable to that change, even the policies might not align with the business procedures e.g. the laws and regulations of the information in the internet might be different with the current business rules or standards. The information in the internet might not be static because everyone can edit but through virtual private network they can limit people from tempering the institution information. The main impact of internet in education is with the society because new procedures must be learnt in order to attain that qualification e.g. people without enough cash to buy internet enabled devices can’t find it easy to do online education and in other countries the connection to the internet is expensive.

The challenges about the online experience students is that they may receive too much assistance for fellow colleagues and get certified without getting enough knowledge for that course e.g. getting assistance on an online test...

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