What Is The Novel "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" By Ken Kesey Saying About The Role Of Women?

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What is the novel saying about the role of women?The novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey, is saying that women are like castrators. Women are portrayed in the novel as powerful, dominating, emasculating and disabling. The novel looks at the power women have over men. These viewpoints are illustrated through the character Nurse Ratched and the control she has over the male characters and through some patients and their personal experiences with the women in their lives.Nurse Ratched is the head nurse of the mental institution in which the story is set. The story is set around the suffering of the male patients under the hands of Nurse Ratched. She is sometimes referred to as 'Big Nurse' referring to both her physical and mental size and power, for example, the more power she is using the larger she gets "she blows up bigger and bigger, big as a tractor".Nurse Ratched is described as oppressive, powerful and all knowing. The members of the staff and the patients fear her. An example of how she is feared is described by the cold feeling she gives people, "She slides through the door with a gust of cold". Nurse Ratched is not described as a warm or lovable character, or in any sense feminine, the men describe as "handsome" and she is described in a mechanical manner like "automatic...smooth, calculated and precision-made". She has no warm or natural feminine aspects, except for her "rather extraordinary breasts" which she attempts to conceal.Nurse Ratched exercises complete control over the ward by hand picking her staff. She chooses people she can manipulate to do exactly what she wants and in the same precision, efficient manner she herself does things. Even the head doctor of the ward fears her and is dominated by her, "Doctor Spivey... is exactly like the rest of us, completely conscious of his inadequacy...And, worse, she knows he knows it and reminds him every chance she gets."Harding describes to McMurphy that the patients "are victims of a matriarchy here, my friends, and the doctor is just as helpless against it as we are", showing that the patients are aware that they are being overpowered but they feel helpless against it. Another example of the patient's helplessness is that they are made to feel like animals and not men, they feel like they have been castrated and lost their sexuality and manhood. For example, Harding refers to himself as a 'rabbit' to signify that he is weak, small and button tailed, while Nurse Ratched is described as a "good strong wolf" and that they need some one like her to put them in their place.She emasculates her patients with shame and guilt. She acts as thought she is helping the patients and doing things for therapeutic reasons, while at the same time shamming them into submission. For example, at the group therapy meetings, she draws the patients into exposing dark secrets. "It was better than she dreamed. They were all shouting to outdo one another, going further and further...telling...

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1255 words - 5 pages The major character in "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" is R.P. Mc Murphy. The story is set in a mental hospital and there are a number of minor characters who are the acute patients in the ward. It is the interaction of Mc Murphy with minor characters which cause to change and gives the reader an understanding of Mc Murphy's character. At the beginning of the novel Mc Murphy arrives in the ward, he has been convicted of violence and sentenced

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