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What´S Typography Essay

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Like most people, typography is a focus in graphic design that most people overlook or don’t think anything of. Even though it’s seen every single day in multiple ways, people still forget that it’s considered an art of its own. Every single day we see typeface in multiple ways. Typography is one of the most influential art forms out in the world to date yet somehow it goes unnoticed. Max Miedinger, Adrian Frutiger, John Baskerville, and Matthew Carter are some of the most influential and famous photographers in history. Max Miedinger, the creator of “Helvetica”, (one of the most admired fonts) changed the world of typography / typeface.
Ever since Miedinger was in his teens, living in ...view middle of the document...

After Miedinger became famous for his iconic font, he decided to become a freelance graphic designer about a year or so following his collaboration with his fellow coworker, Edouard Hoffman.
In the early days of Helvetica, usually only the government and large corporations used it leading the font to have a negative stigma attached to it. Helvetica not only represented corporations, but also became the typeface for the Vietnam War. Helvetica became such a staple because of the cleanliness of the font. Some people would even say “One of the more plausible adjectives for describing Helvetica to a stranger would be “neutral”. If type is really the perfume of the city--a conceit of the film--then Helvetica has a scent that doesn’t smell” (Phinney). People have compared typography to fashion and interior design. Without typography, text would have no meaning. Text would have no style or mood. Throughout the years people have ignored the fact that typeface can set your mood just by looking at the font. Certain colors provoke different reactions from the human brain. Without typography text would be dull and not considered a form of art. Typography is one of the art forms that not only can include your person style, but also has math and science blended into it. Art, science and math all play a very important and specific...

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