What’s Venezuela Crisis Really About? Essay

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Venezuela is a country located at the north of South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, Brazil and Colombia. Venezuela is a country full of beauties and contrasts where people can find beautiful beaches, plains, mountains, and even the majestic highest waterfall of the world (Angel Falls). During more than four decades, this country lived in full democracy until 1999 when a former military officer, who was involved in a military coup years ago, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias won the presidential elections, and who remained in the government until he died in 2013 from cancer.Hugo Chavez's political discourse based on the Marxist thoughts soon was creating "The Bolivarian Revolution", and since ...view middle of the document...

Chavez instill it never was to turn Venezuela into another Cuba. He knew he needed the private sector to keep products on the shelves and wanted to prevent the country follow in the footsteps of Cuba, becoming economically irrelevant in the world as it is today the island, but After Chavez death things have changed. Maduro has not even remotely intellectual force Chavez or his charisma, and today is totally dependent on the Cuban advice. Fact that has caused worsening of preexisting situation in Venezuela as it was insecurity, shortages and food rationing, exchange controls, currency devaluations, and more. Last February, the situation of crime came to the end, so the reason why students took to the streets in different areas of the country with peacefully protests, and without any other weapon in their hands that they need to be heard by a government that seems to be deaf.
The cause of the protest of the students and people are many, but one of the greatest is the deterioration of security within the country, which currently is considered as one of the most insecure countries to live or to...

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