What’s Written Versus Reality: Ethical Dilemmas In A Hi Tech Public Relations Firm

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Amid the scandals caused by lack of honest and open communication are the ethical blunders of public relations firms themselves. There is a considerable body of evidence emerging to suggest that modern public relations support trends of unethical practices such as lying, falsifying documents, and even espionage. Current research shows that there can be no ethical public relations because the practice itself is known for its manipulation and propaganda. Public Relations, Inc. (PRI) a disguised U.S medium-to-large PR consulting firm is a perfect example of an organization faced with ethical dilemmas (Weiss, 2006).
Clearly, there are many ethical dilemmas facing PRI employees and although it seems easy for the reader to say she would do the right thing in all these situations, it would be hard. However, if the reader was actually in such a position and feeling pressured to act, she might do what many of the PRI employees did, use judgment and common sense as a guide sense there are no clear set guidelines to help employees understand the agency’s expectations regarding appropriate decisions when faced with common ethical dilemmas (Weiss, 2006).
With regards to the seven common ethical dilemmas that would be facing the reader as a PRI employee, first being, client noncompete agreement. Since the contracts between the agency and the client specifically state in this instance that the agency will not solicit or accept work from a competitor during the terms of the contract (Weiss, 2006). The reader would not make any sales pitches to competing client that would cause the termination of any current contracts. In this situation common sense would be the determining factor, and since it is clearly wrong and illegal, she would know that the consequences of doing such a thing could cost her and the firm dearly.
Depending on the situation, if the reader was faced with the dilemma of protecting client confidentiality or integrity of client information as a PR professional, she would make a decision based on her current knowledge of the client. As a PR professional the contract says that she is not required to check the accuracy of the information provided by the client (Weiss, 2006). But in the best interest of her firm as well as the client, specifics should always be verified before being published or released to the press. Even if it meant losing press opportunities, upsetting the client, or receiving threats to be fired. The reader would not do anything that would risk her credibility by assuming that the client will appreciate that kind of information and back her up if something goes wrong.
Most importantly, if faced with an ethical dilemma concerning employee poaching, the reader would use common sense and think things through clearly before making a decision that she could later regret. The reader believes that she would not let self-interest get in the way and allow it to cloud her judgment. Plus, a client who is willing to solicit and...

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