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What's Wrong With Holden Caufield?He Has Odd,Diagnoses Of Main Character From Catcher In Th Rye,By J.D Salinger

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Holden's DiagnosisHolden Caulfeild is an adolescent of 17 who is having trouble in life. Holden hasa family that consists of a mother, father, older brother and a younger sister. The olderbrother's name is D.B. and is a writer. Holden admired D.B's work until D.B. became ascreenwriter in Hollywood. Phoebe is Holden's younger sister, he likes her just fine.Holden isn't very involved with his parents and they return the favor. Holden had ayounger brother named Allie but he died when Holden was 13 fromleukemia(Salinger,39).This tragic event was hard for Holden because they were close and he dealt with itin an unpleasant way. Holden has many acquaintances. These include Ackley who is theannoying upperclassman at Pencey Prep and Luce who Holden knew from WhootonSchool and had fabulous sex talks with. Holden also has a friend named Sally who hehelped trim her Christmas tree. When Holden was younger he went to a normal schoolwhich his little sister now attends. Holden most currently attended Pencey Prep, aboarding school in Pennsylvania. He doesn't a very good relationship with schools.Holden Caulfeild has a problem. In fact he has more than one problem. Holden'syounger brother Allie, whom he still talks to, died when Holden was 13. After Allie diedHolden was having trouble coping so his parents wanted him psychoanalyzed. Insteadthey just sent him off to boarding schools, so he probably feels rejected. His older brother,D.B. has betrayed Holden by selling his wonderful stories in Hollywood. Holden failed 4out of his 5 classes at his last school, Pencey Prep, and has been kicked out of at least 3schools(Salinger,4). Holden also has what you could call an obsession with phoniness.This distorts the way he sees the world and makes it difficult to love people.I, Doctor (your name) diagnose Holden Caulfeild with Oppositional DefiantDisorder(ODD). ODD is a behavior disorder which may be caused by the patientstemperament and their families reaction to it. In this case I think the disorder wasoriginally triggered by how Holden's parents reacted to the way he dealt with his sadnessafter Allie's early demise. His reaction was to "[break] all the goddamn windows [in thegarage] with my fist" (Salinger,39). Mr. and Mrs.Caulfield were upset by this and wantedHolden psychoanalyzed, instead of trying to comfort him.One major symptom of Oppositional Defiant Disorder which Holden Caulfeildshows is deliberately trying to annoy or upset other people(Children,1). A normalteenager may seem annoying at times, but usually don't act this way intentionally oroften. One example of Holden being bothersome on purpose is when Ackley is visitinghim in the dorm at Pencey (Salinger,21). Holden starts calling Ackley "kid", even thoughhe knew "It drove him mad when you called him "Ackley kid"(Salinger,21). On anotheroccasion olden purposely annoys his old friend Luce by asking him personal questions.He did this defying his knowledge that "if you started asking [Luce] questions...

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