What Contribution If Any Can Community Based Methods Contribute To Community Safety?

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IntroductionThe quality of life and safety of a particular community is reliant upon many factors. These can range from vandalism and graffiti to burglary. Community safety relates to people's sense of personal security and to their feelings of ease in the places that they live and work. It affects how people value their neighbourhood, and is a major part of what makes a neighbourhood a good or bad place to live. In order for a community safety programme to be effective and successful, there needs to be a sense of cooperation between the community and contributing agencies involved. This vital connection was to be implemented with the introduction of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, which called for partnership relations between local communities, agencies and the police. Throughout this essay I will be concentrating on the contribution community based methods have on the overall safety of a community. I will be looking at the different methods used and the way in which local communities work with outside agencies in reducing crime.Community SafetyThe term community safety is a complex and widely interpreted phrase. It ultimately means the protection of everyone's right to live without fear for their and other people's safety. It is a relatively new concept, which has only recently taken face with the introduction of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998. Community safety strategies have created new partnerships and installed a sense of security and safety among local communities. Different organisations bring diverse resources, skills and knowledge to the partnership. However, each organisation has its own set of objectives to pursue and must operate within individual management systems and structures. The challenge facing community safety partnerships is to develop a local management model which is acceptable to all partners and which ensures the partnerships' objectives are achieved. (Crawford 1998)Community safety can be defined as:The concept of community based action to inhibit and remedy the causes and consequences of criminal, intimidatory and other anti-social behaviour. Its purpose is to secure a sustainable reduction in crime and the fear of crime in local communities. Its approach is based upon the formation of partnerships between the community, public, private and voluntary sectors (including local businesses) to formulate and introduce community based measures against crime. (www.community-life.org.au/docs/safe_communities.pdf)The community safety initiative builds formal, long term partnerships between the police, community economic development corporations and other key stakeholders in troubled neighbourhoods. It ultimately helps to reduce persistent crime, disorder and fear and to revitalise the neighbourhood. This is achieved by partners working closely together to strategically select, coordinate and implement their development initiatives and crime control efforts in order to produce effective results. By the linking of innovative...

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