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What Should 'good' Design Have As Its Principle?

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IntroductionOver the past few decades, the expansion of design principles has dramatically changed the way design concepts are viewed by people. The strong influences of principles towards good design have driven evolutions in many design artifacts. This document will represents a compilation of what should good design have as its principles, which have been compiled from many resources on design, as well as my own experience and from a comprehensive literature gathered from multiple resources. Moreover, most of these principles can be applied to any kind of design either in fashion, product or graphical.If there is such a thing as beauty, we need to be able to recognize it. We need a good ...view middle of the document...

Until now, a common difficulty in creating and designing new products, or modifying existing ones, is to know to what these design should be, that is, whether it will be acceptable to the public or just simply for the pleasure of the designer.All products, old and new, can be described in functional terms relating to the level in which they assist people to handle materials physically and/or to use information in their work. For example, an electric toothbrush has changed the way people cleans the tooth easily, it has been recommended by dentist all over the world; a pocket calculator can assist every businessman with tedious arithmetic. Products can thus be described as 'physical' and 'intellectual' capabilities, and a typical example is Microsoft Word that takes both the physical and intellectual dullness out of productive writing.The definition of a desirable product depends entirely on the point taken such as: technological, commercial, ecological, cultural and social. However, any design using new technology will incorporate the existing and will include new design elements. The probability in acceptance of society towards a new product designed is enhanced by maintaining a balance between imaginative and a creative new form, and also that with people are familiarize with and preferable, a new design may be rejected if it is too original and unfamiliar design shape, or it is consider as too traditional.PrinciplesUniversal good design principles should be usable by all people to the greatest extent as possible without the need for adaptation or specialized design. These principles may be applied to evaluate an existing design, and also a guideline to the design process and their impact towards the environment and society.1. User ProfilingThe first step to consider when designing a product is to obtain information of who will be using the design. A design that is good quality for a technically skilled user might not benefit for a non-technical person or an artist. When all information is gathered, the designer can then proceed to start designing the interface of the product to achieve the goals of the product design. A physical interaction to the user is appropriate to understand the purpose of the design it self.The following questions are conflicting values. How much uniqueness is good and how much consistency is good? How do our design decisions reflect both? Mass produced items have a tendency to show conformity in our culture in spite of the fact that individual freedom of choice is highly valued in our tradition. In many tribal cultures hand crafted artifact show individuality.2. Reasonable UseDesign should be useful and accepted to the society with perfect functionality. Ideas about the usefulness of the design should be carefully thought before starting any of the design process.For examples: a typical house stove has four burners arranged in a square, and a dial to control each. How should the dials be arranged? The answer is to put...

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