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Justice is a rarity within the United States legal system. Many fall victim to the injustice each and every day. The favoritism, social injustice, and discrimination have eliminated any sort of justice in the United States legal system. America takes pride in being, “The land of the free, and the home of the brave,” but that freedom has always came with a price that not everyone can obtain. The innocent are often found guilty, the wealthy are treated different then the common people, white people treated differently then blacks and other races, and people of power having more freedom. Money, power, prestige and race will avail if you want justice. Our nation has rested on their laurels, making no significant improvement to evolve from the favoritism that is disguised as ‘justice for all,’ within the United States legal system. One must be brave enough to fight for their freedom, in order to take pride in equal justice, because the land of the free and home of the brave will always come with a price.
Some say that money cannot buy you happiness, but it can sure buy you everything that contributes to it, one being your freedom. There are numerous people that have the advantage to pay their way to justice. Hiring a private attorney to represent a client in the court of law. One may have a higher chance of avoiding legal consequences, oppose to the ones that may not have the financial resources. The ones that do not have the resources are usually represented by court appointed attorneys. In most case the court appointed attorney do not have the drive to fight as hard for a client’s case as hard as a private attorney, money being a factor. I have fallen victim to the injustice of the favoritism within our justice system and many other have as well. I have had experienced the advantages and disadvantages that come with the contributions of money. Justice comes with a price that not all can afford, and and many each and every day fall victim to the favoritism of money.
Professional rank since the beginning of time has always played a roll within the United States justice system. Power and money is what fuels our unfair, flawed, justice system. There was a case back in the early ninety’s that opened called the West Memphis Three; the case drew a lot of attention after HBO released a documentary about the case. The West Memphis Three were three men that were convicted as teens for brutally murdering three young boys as a “Satanic ritual.” The West Memphis, Arkansas Police arrested the three teenagers, Damien Echlos, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin. They lacked physical evidence, the crime scene had been tampered with, there was no murder weapon, and nor was there a motive. The West Memphis Court used the fact that they had black hair, wore heavy metal t-shirts and read Steven King novels as evidence these boys were linked to a Satanic cult. With a political...

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