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What Should People Do Before, During, And After An Earthquake?

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What should people do before, during, and after an earth quake? They maybe following some steps. Moreover, each part of situation have different steps and processes. We prepare to endure earthquake before coming earthquake. And we try to escape and avoid from earthquake during earthquake. Last, we recover city or house when pass earthquake. The before, during, and after of earthquake are the three major methods involved in the preparing earthquake disaster process.
The process of before the earthquake requires following steps. If we know when earth quake come to you. You should do this steps. First, we should shut down all of electric system because the basic of accident is electric system when earthquake appear. For example, if gas pipes get some damage and gas escape from gas pipe, only gas is a little better. However, if this situation and electric system damage mix at same time, it can make big explosion. It can cause another disaster. Second, heavy things should move to floor because if heavy things’ position is higher than your stature, it can be dangerous and hurt your head or another parts. Next, you should prepare some food because if earthquake pass your hometown, after that we can’t use many service, market, and bank service. Therefore, we can’t buy something and use bank. After that, we should make a little shelter because we have to protect ourselves. For example, under the desk, underground of your house, or emergency shelter. Finally, you shouldn’t go to outside because if earthquake destroy some building, building parts can hit the ground or people. If we know when it comes to your hometown and prepare that steps, you will be okay.
The second topic is during earthquake. We should know about exactly how it makes and where it comes from because if we know exactly, we can prepare more carefully. First, the earth is shaken by hundreds of small earthquakes everyday but we can’t feel it. Moreover, they usually occur along the boundaries of the thin plates that cover the earth. The plates...

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