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What Should The Government Do About Segregation In Our Public Schools Today? Does It Matter To You, That Students Often Attend Public Schools That Are Populated Only By Students Of Their Own Race?

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Segregation. When people hear this word, they think back to the 60s and the civil rights movement. Segregation is still very alive today. People believe that segregation died when the civil rights movement was over. However, as many found out, segregation is not something that can be instantly wiped away like spilled orange juice. Segregation is more like a stubborn stain that no matter how much you clean it the stain is never fully removed.National governments can try to do what they did not do back in the seventies. The national governments should pass laws to give state and local governments' power to try to help desegregate the public schools. One of the laws could be for example, that all state governments have the power to come into the public schools and see how the classes are sorted. If they come in and see that some classes are only filled with a single race then they can go to that school's administration and ask how the schedules are done. This is only one of the many ways the national government could get involved with desegregating our public school systems.State governments have more power than they know they have. They can go county by county making random inspections of the public schools. If a particular county is suspected of segregating students then it is the state's responsibility to have that Board of Education reported to the Federal Board of Education. Another way to help is by suspending whoever is involved with the segregating. People learn by example, and if one county can get away with segregating then it is only a matter of time before the rest of the counties follow in their footsteps. Therefore, if the state makes an example of one county then the others will not be so quick to follow their example. Bad habits are harder to break then good ones.Local governments have the most...

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