What Should We Eat? Eng141 Research Paper

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“What Should We Eat?”

Authors Note
My audience is targeted to mainly the parents of adolescents who don't know the sides effects of not eating healthy. So, that when the child gets older it will know that eating healthy is very important and maybe pass on the knowledge to their kids one day. The audience is in the age group 18 through mid 60’s

We all know that eating healthy is important for you, but who says what you can and can’t eat.  There are countless studies out there that you can follow to make sure what you are eating is “healthy”.  Also, there are many different types of solutions that can help with making sure you are eating the right amount of foods.  There is a huge problem that is going on around the world as we speak, that problem is that a lot of people are obese/overweight, and most people believe that to be because of the food that they are consuming.  To an extent that is true but you can still eat what you want but you must manage it.  As more and more people are becoming obese and are not changing anything to make themselves better.  There are many of ways that this can be solved.
Hey parents did you happen to know that over one-third of all Americans in the United States are overweight or obese? (Adult Obesity Facts 206). Obesity is a condition that consists of having an excess amount of body fat (Obesity Definition 2016). Today’s society has a certain idea that someone should look thin and that thin people are much more attractive than “heavy” people.  Obesity can affect anybody from a young child to older adults. “Childhood obesity is a complex, profound and intractable problem.” (Hetherington 2016). There are quite a few reasons on why people are overweight, such as genetics, overeating, lack of exercise, or a change one’s lifestyle.
Obesity tends to run in families, this is due to their genetic factors. There has been a search for a specific gene that causes obesity, but it is highly complicated because different families tend to share lifestyles and eating habits.  This being the case, that person's genetic makeup has a lot to do with the cause of obesity than the lifestyle of the family in the home. There have been many studies that have found a genetic link to obesity, showing that there is a pattern to the deposition of fat.  This is the way the fat collects throughout the body. Being obese has many health issues such as, depression, eating disorders, and even death. This is because, as a society, people are trying to lose weight by dieting.  Majority of people know about the diets sponsored by “Jenny Craig” and “Weight Watchers”.  Or if not, have at least heard about them.  People that are overweight are then forced to look at these diets or some other type of solution to fit in with society.  
A person’s appetite forces them to consume the wrong types of food, in order to try to fill the needs of one's body.  Everything that they are eating is considered to be "empty...

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