What Signs Drives You To Hire A Programmer Instantly?

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Main Body: Programmers in this day and age of Information technology have become a necessity for both application and website development. Big shot organizations and IT firms dedicate themselves in the constant hunt for the right programmer for the job. These organizations are in for the constant hiring process to get hold of the right programmer for hire.
But when it comes to interviews and coding tests only few survivors are left to be fit for the job. Most of these fellow programmers get rejected for one reason or the other. But what about the ones those who gets selected? What are the signs by why which the interviewer selects them as the ideal for the job? This article would be discussing about the signs which helps the programmers get hired for the job through the following lines.
The Talk and the Test
Most programming firms around the world have a formal round of interview combined with a coding test. These two procedures help the selectors to deduce the right candidate for the job.
The interview helps in providing the proper background check of the employee along with the skills in interpersonal communications. On the other hand the test comprises a few numbers of problems to be solved by the developer with each of the problems being harder than the preceding ones. The prospective candidates for most times are given a deadline of an hour to solve the problem.
Only if the candidates are able to finish the test within an hour, they have a possibility of getting selected. Otherwise it is better luck next time for them.
The results of the test are the only way to find out which one is ideal for the job through a few of the signs. These signs are discussed quite elaborately through the following lines.
The Signs Which Deciphers the Right Candidate for the Job
1. The Master of Multiple Solutions
A candidate can be considered to be one of the best of the lot if he is able to find several ways of solving one single problem. The candidate might be aware of both iterative as well as well as a recursive way of solving a single matter.

2. The Dominator Of Documentation
A sign of a good programmer is the way he would be documenting the whole project. You should opt for the ones who can document the programming in the most detailed manner while developing the coding solution. The more detailed the documentation of the code would be the more accurate be the programmer in question. And more easily you would...

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