What Society Think Of Gamers Essay

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What society thinks of gamers
by Nathan van der Zouw

There are a handful of common biases about gamers in society as well as an amount of common stereotypes. These always come from somewhere, often stereotypes are born from the most noteworthy individuals or actions of a community, because the most negative things always have a greater impact it makes people have wrong impressions of gamers and weird stereotypes, giving an extremely twisted and warped idea of the community as a whole. What does society think about gamers?
What do they know or think they know about gamers?

People still cling to some of the worst gaming stereotypes.
Probably the most commonly known gamer ...view middle of the document...

There is a ton of different biases/prejudices about gamers in society, the list below summarizes a few of them.

-Overweight and Out of Shape
Society often thinks gamers are overweight and out of shape.
Thinking them to only eat junkfood and drink soda while they play videogames.
The image of empty pizza boxes and Code Red Mountain Dew littering a gamer's den is a popular one.
Never to see the light of day or getting outside for exercise by being too addicted to videogames to do anything else than play and stuff their faces with the most unhealthy things this world has to offer.
-Violent Tendencies

It is often thought that gamers are violent.
This belief stems from the fact that many gamers play violent videogames, popular news channels and other media often say that playing violent video games makes people more violent. Some studies have also shown that gamers who play violent games are more violent. This resulted in the idea that gamers are violent people or have become more violent because of the videogames.

-Only Play Video Games All Day
"Gamers only play videogames and do nothing else!" seems to be what many people think, assuming that they have no other hobbies and use up all their time awake on playing videogames. Not doing anything with friends, not exercising or sporting, just videogames all day every day. People who play a lot a video games can't be healthy, have a job, or even pursue other interests because all they want to do is play.

Either a Teenage Boy or Loser Adult Male
When you identify as a gamer society will assume you're either a teenage boy or an unsuccessful adult male.
This is because teenaged boys are often the age group targeted by videogame companies, this makes them appear to be the biggest part and odds are that if you are a gamer that you are a teenaged boy.
Unsuccessful adults might also turn to videogames as a distraction from their failures.
Responsible adults with careers and families, or any female can't be gamers is what is often believed by society.

-No life or social skills
As said earlier it is often though that gamers play videogames all day, as a result they only live for the games and do not do anything else besides that including going out with friends and the likes, keeping up contact with them or going to parties or doing other activities with them.

Having poor social skills may even be a reason for someone to pick up gaming as his hobby because the NPCs (characters programmed into the game) will always talk to you and won't ever be judgmental.

This leads to an image that people who play videogames are not good with other people and have no life because they spend all their time gaming anyway

How videogames change the way you deal with things
by Nathan van der Zouw
Gaming, like any hobby can be pretty time consuming.
Like other hobbies, this too, has its benefits.
It can help a person deal with a variety of problems.
What are these...

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