What Some Americans Like About Health That Others Do Not

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As we take a look at the world around us we find that there are more unhealthy people then there were fifty years ago. There used to be smaller portions of food and not as many cars (if any). We walked to our destination and managed to hunt and gather. As a society we were much more active back in the 1900’s then we are coming into the 2000’s. Today we don’t have to hunt or gather, as we have cars to take us everywhere, and more often than not we sit around and have all the things we want and wish. Some people strive for fitness and health to have the fit and toned body type. But how did we get so unhealthy? More importantly, how do we get out of it? One of the ways we got here is that it’s not entirely our fault. Our genetics predetermine what our weight is going to be, how healthy we will be and the way our parents raise us and what hormones they’ve given to us to make us the way we are. We live our life so differently from one another that it’s all different for everyone. Are we getting the right amount of exercise for our body type? All of this is determined by the way we live, how we live, and what job we want in this lifetime. Last but not least Do our hormones have much to do with the way we eat, what we eat, and how often we eat? As we grow from a child to adulthood our hormones take control of the way we act and the things that happen to us during puberty certainly it just might have a control over the way we eat. We need to get control over what we eat and we need to take control now.
Losing weight isn't easy, and it's harder still when your genes are working against you. Many different genes affect the way your body works, but one in particular affects your weight.. (APOA2) also known as apolipoprotein A-II (“APOA2”). Now this is a strange gene because it changes the way your body reacts to foods by stabilizing high density lipoproteins. It also boosts the metabolism in effect making your body weight shift from a day-to-day basis. Genetic studies have shown that somewhere between 40-80% of our BMI is due to over a hundred different genes. One study found that some people can eat all they want and never gain weight, although this is simply not true. When people decide to eat what they want the food that goes into their body turns into what I call “Skinny Fat” ( “The skinny-fat problem”). Skinny Fat is when someone eats a lot of junk food and rarely exercises, if at all. These people have a higher risk for developing diabetes especially if they are thin as opposed to people who are obese. Thin and having diabetes increases the chance of death by almost 30%. Ideally people around the world need to eat less saturated fat and exercise more, like they said on that food pyramid that we all learned in fifth grade fats, sugars, sweets and oils really are the thing we should eat the least of.
We all have different lifestyles some exciting and some boring. The way we live is what helps us show why we are the way we are. Everyone watches...

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