What Kind Of Leader Is Ms. Condoleezza Rice?

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Dr. Condoleezza Rice was sworn in as Secretary of State on January 25, 2005. She is a clear example of a leader, which possesses certain traits that have led her to where she is today. In order to evaluate her as a leader, it is necessary to look at different aspects of her leadership. It is important to examine her personality traits and values, ethical challenges she will face, her candidacy, her leadership style, and her dark-side traits.

The first way to evaluate her as a leader is to look at a detail description of what her personality and values are. Condoleezza Rice was born into a family that was disciplined in life and in religion. Generations of her family extend from college-educated teachers, preachers, and lawyers. Her parents were very well-respected in their communities. Her father was a Presbyterian Minister and her mother was a teacher of music and science. Condoleezza was born in Birmingham during a time when African-Americans struggled to receive a college education. Since Condoleezza Rice worked hard and excelled during her adolescence, she had the opportunity to attend college. The Rice family was known for “dedicating themselves to nurturing a strong, self-confident child by exposing her to all the elements of western culture including: music, ballet, foreign languages, and athletics” (Strobel, 2005, p.1-2). Rice’s grandmother stated, “Condoleezza has always been very focused, ever since she was very, very young” (Strobel, 2005, p.1-2). Condoleezza’s mother taught her at home to make her lessons more enlightening. This was very different compared to public schooling. Another value that Condoleezza Rice would proclaim to be her strongest is her faith. Condoleezza Rice, who is known to speak publicly about her faith, does not hide the fact that she is a Christian. While she calls herself “just an average Christian,” she is quick to say that her faith is “the principal reason for all that I’ve [She’s] been able to do…My [Her] faith in God is the most important thing” ( Hawkins, 2002, p.1-9). At an early age, Condoleezza Rice was taught to be disciplined in everything she did. She was taught the importance of not only an education, but best education you could possibly receive. Her parents did whatever they could to assure she was very well-rounded. Condoleezza’s values are apparent through her hard work and dedication, as well as her self-discipline and education. She is a “recognized expert in International Affairs, a distinguished teacher and academic leader, and a public servant with years of White House experience” (Strobel, 2005, p.1-2). Condoleezza’s personality can also be described by her hardworking attitude. She is well-known for always being prepared and very well versed on any topic. She is quoted by stating “with studying and teaching should come “passion, skill, and determination” (Hawkins, 2002, p.1-9). Those three words define her personality. With everything she does, she exemplifies a...

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