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What Steps Are Being Taken By The Singapore Transport Authority So As To Have A Better Transport System And Ensure A Sustainable Future?

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In the proposal we seek to examine the public transport industry of Singapore. Both the developing and the developed countries require a robust transportation system as this is an essential indicator of growth and also plays a major role to improve efficiency in the transportation department.1. Singapore is a densely populated country and has limited land, but the Government and the Land Transportation Authority are trying to cater to the needs of the citizens with available pieces of land for road expansion which has led to the establishment of an adequate Mass Rapid Transit system (MRT).This efficient system accounts for more than a million trips in 24 hours covering the major populated areas of Singapore. As the public bus, taxi network and the MRT system are integrated it leads the formation of a multi-modal transportation network.SMRT Buses Ltd and SBS transit are the two major bus service operators while SMRT Trains Ltd and SBS transit are the major operators for the MRT services provided.2. As every Industry has its own problems and flaws the transport industry in Singapore isn’t perfect as it keeps facing various problems periodically but they even devise various solutions so as to combat the problem effectively otherwise it wouldn’t be as widely used as it is now. There are a lot of changes being made to the transportation system as many new buses are being added to the already existing fleet through the Bus Service Enchantment Program and also increase the rail network by about 40km.3. The public transport industry deals with various aspects like the increasing population and also high running and maintenance costs. Apart from this they also have to think about the interests of commuters and environment while devising future plans regarding improving the efficiency and connectivity of the transport system in Singapore.

Singapore is a well-established country with an advanced system of transport. Various parts of Singapore are accessible by road and rail, including the islands of Sentosa and Jurong. The fact that makes the Singapore transport system efficient is that within the past 25 years the transport network has flourished into one of the most widespread and consistent systems of public transport. We also choose this topic for our research as we could relate to it as we had the privilege to travel in the public transport. Another fact that caught our attention was the way the Singapore government has enforced various policies on the automobiles making it a luxury rather than a necessity.4 To compensate for the same, the government ensures that the public transport is swift and safe making it comfortable for people to use them without a second thought. Since, a majority of people within Singapore continue to use the public transport the Government continues to bring about changes to ensure improvement in the system ensuring people to be satisfied and reassured. Other than the four lines that already exist, the Land...

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