What Technology Has Done For Our Society

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How has technology helped you? Has it improved your life or made it worse? The answer is both. Technology has both harmed and helped us. It has helped us by developing new things for us to take advantage of and continues to improve such things, which helps us with our everyday life. We use things like cell phones, television, microwaves, and computers everyday.
One way technology has helped us is with communication. Before the advancements in technology today, it was very difficult to communicate with others. When you wanted to send a message to someone you had to write a letter, wait for the person to get it, and then wait weeks until another letter got back to you. Then people used technology to invent a faster way to communicate, the telegraph system. The telegraph system transmitted electrical signals over wires from location to location that translated into a message. These messages were sent in code form and took seconds to send from one building to the other. After, In 1876 the telephone was created enabling people to talk through a device connected to the wall and speak to someone in a different vicinity.
To even further develop communication, we used technology to invent the cell phone. A phone that you could carry with you wherever you went and use to call people. Cell phones used to be the size of a brick, they had a large keypad, antennas- the signal didn't go as far, and a big battery pack that didn't last long before it had to be charged. Now from the help of technology we have cell phones the size of our hands, can call anywhere in the world, internet capabilities, touch screen capabilities, and some even have cameras. We can do other things than just talk too. We can send instant messages called text messages, they can be as long as we want and can be sent to anyone in the world. Due to recent developments, such as facetime and skype, we can see the person that we are talking to.
Cell Phones and computers have changed our life. The New York Times says that these developments let people work anywhere, they aren't stuck in their cubicles. They shrink distances and handle countless mundane tasks. Without telecommunication from technology, we wouldn't be able to keep connected with people very easily. We wouldn’t be able to call someone up when we needed help and we weren't home. We wouldn't be able to do a lot of things that have to do with communication in our lives.
Another way technology has helped us is with medical advancements. Before medical advancements humans life expectancy was only 35-40 years average in the United States. People died young from things like tuberculosis, tonsillitis, fever, childbirth, and worms. According to Laura Helmuth, The vast majority of deaths before the mid-20th century were caused by microbes—bacteria, amoebas, protozoans, or viruses. The treatment of choice for pretty much everything was blood-letting. Blood-letting is the surgical removal of some of a patient's blood for therapeutic...

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