“What The Ceo Wants You To Know” Book Report

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“What the CEO Wants You to Know” is written by Ram Charan, a Harvard Business School graduate, who was born in the slums of India, but worked his way to the top of the corporate ladder. Charan spent the past 35 years working as an author, motivational speaker, and a renowned business advisor to many of the world’s top chief executive officers. Ram Charan has worked with numerous companies including GE, Bank of America, Ford, Intel, DuPont and Verizon. The experience and knowledge Ram Charan has gained through his life’s work were used to write the book “What the CEO Want You to Know,” with the intention of helping individuals succeed in the business environment. The last chapter of the book ...view middle of the document...

In part two, Charan talks about how to use these concepts in the real world, by focusing on two to three – no more than five – key activities that will make the biggest difference.
Although the CEO is individually held responsible for these parts of the business, Charan believes lower level employees can succeed and even see lateral movement in a firm if they too, consider these parts when doing their own jobs. Charan encourages individuals to assess the total business by asking questions like: “Is the business making money, how is the business making money, and what change in money making is likely to occur?” Charan truly believes that it is imperative to have a complete understanding of the essence of their company’s business, if one hopes to succeed within his or her organization.
The subsequent chapters teach the reader to cut through complexities by looking at their work from the view of security analyst on Wall Street who will ultimately help to determine the external view of the company. By using simple cost equations, learned in an introductory microeconomics class, employees can see if they are facing stiff pricing competition or which products or services make the most or least money. Furthermore, Charan blatantly points out that, ”Everyone in a company must be aware that their actions either generate or consume cash.” Cutting through complexities provides focus and allows employees to see what’s really happening and be better informed in order to make decisions that are conducive to their company’s success. While CEO’s provide a company with a vision, Charan says employees can adapt that vision to their individual work. Toward the end of...

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