What The Future Stands Before Us With Urban Poverty

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Urbanisation and Poverty are two economic patterns that hold ongoing trends that some individuals may find troubling. Urbanisation refers to the rising number of people who occupy in urban areas. It mainly results in the physical expansion of urban areas. The United Nations estimated that half of the globe's population would settle in urban areas at the close of 2008. (International Herald Tribune)Thirty-five years from now it is expressed that 64.1% and 85.9% of the developing and developed world respectively are going to be urbanised. (The Economist. Urban Life: Open-air computers) Poverty is the condition of being without, often associated with need, grief, and meagerness of resources that cross an extensive variety of circumstances. Poverty is increasing rapidly in urban areas than rural areas. Over one billion people inhabit urban slums which are commonly overpopulated, corrupted in pollution, critically dangerous; bear a shortage of fresh water resources and depressing standards of hygiene. (UNFPA Urbanization: A Majority in Cities) In this essay, I will mention the future scenarios for urbanisation linking to poverty. I will also discuss the possible solutions that could prevent these future scenarios for Brazil, Egypt and Vietnam.

Future Scenarios and Possible Solutions of Poverty and Urbanisation on a Global Community, Brazil, Egypt and Vietnam
I will address about what future scenarios first on a global community that result from Poverty and Urbanisation. Our global community is experiencing a variety of drastic adjustments. Our globe looks and feelings are changing, while the urban population has evolved their demands and preferences. This presents many new stakes and difficulties that policy makers may mislead. Therefore the kind of decisions that city planners receive will laboriously influence urban ambitions as a modernized and comprehensive metropolis. (Asian Trends Monitoring. Entrepreneurship among the urban poor in 2035)
The ATM (Asian Trends Monitoring) survey acknowledges that health services, good education, financial services, and working opportunities are the most crucial essential needs of the poor. (Asian Trends Monitoring. Rural-Urban Migrants have huge difficulties in accessing healthcare in Vietnam) Current methods are unsuccessful: slum clearance and restrictive qualifications criteria for government assets are short-term methods to push people away from cities, but these discouragements doesn’t stand a chance for what the city has to grant.
In order to prepare planners with a framework to establish their policy design, we have promote four alternative future scenarios for cities. They are linked along two vital junctures:
1) The progress of rural-urban migration and its outcomes for urban infrastructures
2) The service delivery process for the urban poor.
Scenario 1: Maintained and Comprehensive Growth
A decelerated progress of rural-urban migration would enable urban infrastructure to advance...

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