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What The Hell Was Heller Up Too?

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What the Hell was Heller up too?

Joseph Heller, a popular American satirical novelist wrote the book Catch 22 to “poke” some fun at the American government and military. After reading the novel I found that Heller like to use a lot of hidden satire which led to the class discussion “what the hell was Heller up too?” After going and researching the names of several of the characters in Joseph’s book we found that they all had a meaning to them, it was all comic allusion. Some of the fantastic satire that Heller uses in his book, is dark humor, comic allusion and much more that I will get into later in this essay. The point that I think that Heller was trying to make when he wrote this ...view middle of the document...

This name suites him really well because Lieutenant/General Scheisscopt was a very poor training commander that was training Yossarian, when he first came to the base. He was focused only on parading the troops and making them look good, to give the base a lot of attention. Of course the troops didn’t like that very much, but the general commander of the base Cathcart, enjoyed a lot of the attention and kept ranking scheisscopt up. So naturally he deserved the name “sh*thead”. Another example was a good friend that Yossarian made in a hospital later in the novel. Yes I’m talking about Dunbar. The transition of Dunbar through the urban dictionary is male erection. Now his part in the novel matches his name very well. I guess you could say his name really suites him. Dunbar’s part in the book was in a hospital, when he and Yossarian sexually assault a nurse. Specifically nurse Duckett. Later in the book Yossarian develops a real liking to Nurse Duckett. However she doesn’t want a relationship with poor Yossarian, because he...

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