What The Life Of Christ Means To Me.

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This paper will focus on the life and ministry of Jesus and what the study of the Life of Christ means to me. As a child, my mother made me attend church every Sunday and I never could understand why. As I aged and started to put my leanings together with events that occurred in my life. I then realized that the almighty lord Jesus Christ was someone special that I needed to have in my life and my families' lives as well. My very first lesson that I learned, and I will never forget is that "all things, in heaven and on earth, were created through Jesus and we must place him first in our lives because it is through him that all things hold together" (Colossians 1:17). This is one of my favorite scriptures that I try to keep in my thoughts and use daily to get my by, especially during hard times.In order for one to have Jesus in their lives, one must first understand who he is and what he means. This is where the Bible comes into play. One can learn, understand and utilize the ways of Jesus by reading the scriptures in the bible and using gods' words as a guide to assist us in the path that he has led us on. Jesus has offered the same privileges for each and everyone one of us to get to heaven. It is up to the individuals to determine if they choose to follow him and live a life that he has provided for us or dismiss him and go to hell. Regardless of the choices that one makes, Jesus will not love us any more or any less because we are given the opportunity to make our own choices, he just desires us to follow him and live our lives through him.The life of Christ in the Gospels educates us so much about Jesus and what he expects from us in order to be considered his disciples. For example, Jesus says that we should forgive, which therefore makes him a forgiving person. Sometimes, especially during times of hatred or violent acts, this can be very hard to do but he explains that instead of continuing the hatred trend, we should forgive and pray for the ones who need it most. We should pray that they will accept Jesus as their savior and will allow him in their lives and live by his ways. Jesus also very loving, he says that we should all love one another for he has never been one to judge. He knows that we are not perfect and therefore forgives us for the sins that we have committed and he expects us to do the same. He also loves regardless...

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