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What The World Will Be Like 50 Years From Now

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US factories have reached the point where we could offset a portion of those
labor costs by saving on logistics. US factories have come to the conclusion and they
announced that they were shifting some manufacturing jobs back to the United
States. I believe that most of the manufacturing jobs that have been lost are gone for
good, especially repetitive work on the factory floor. People sometimes think
manufacturing is dead in the United States. In fact, manufacturing activity embraces
about $2 trillion share of the U.S. economy. The United States has added 520,000 plus
manufacturing jobs and of those, just fifty thousand of them have come from overseas
firms moving here.
Now, in 2064 the factory job has come back to the States. By 2064, the
percentage of working-age people to become pensioners in the United States will be
more altered from what it is today. The United States is also about to endure a
substantial increase in the population older than 65, the government is worried about
how that will distress Social Security. There will be fewer workers to provide services to
elderly people. My family and I fear that there will be a robotic takeover of
manufacturing jobs will put the humans out of work. There is a large percentage of
machines that are working in body shops building cars. Though this entire process there
are no a living soul in there. Needless, to say once the cars have made it to the final
assembly then you see people. Because, people and robotics do not mix, safety cages
are put around the robots in order to prevent the robots from hitting people while in
operating mode.

The robots will be used as and prefigure to save money for factory owners and
operators. The corporation is going to have to pay programmers, specialists, all sorts of
people to have this thing functioning. So I feel that if someone could make smaller and
smarter robotic that is co-worker friendly the future may workout.
In 50 years from now, the food the will be used in the US one may want to think
that the food will be some type of flavor pills like of the cartoon the “The Jestons” and
maybe “Star Trek” too. However, in 50 years from now we’ll still be eating in
restaurants. Growing food the...

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