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What They Say Isn't Always What They Mean

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I read an article entitled "She says "Back Off Mom!" She Means "I Need You." Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who is in late 40's and rasing two teenage daughters, talks about the struggles and perils of teenage life. She not only describes their turmoil, but hers as well.Moments with her daughters lead to flashbacks of her own childhood. Her mother was so young compared to her. Dr. Nancy would have never thought for a moment not to do her homework or to pick a fight with her mother. She just simply followed her parents rules. How ironic. Today, she can't even get her own daughters to hear her, let alone listen.Adolescent years are difficult for both the children and the parents. One day it seems your drying their tears and the next you are crying your own. Loving children now don't want touched. Confident little girls turn into sullen teens. Their childlike faces are now just turned into shells.Study after study has found that adolescent daughters need their parents more than ever now. It is just in different way than when they were 5 or 6. The shifting of gears is the hardest part. Even though teens have a stereotype of being angry and rejecting, there is still a great amount of vulnerability hidden underneath the surface.The teenage rebel without a cause is obsessed with friend that lead them astray determine to spend as little time as possible with their parents. Of course, they are at the mercy of their raging hormones, too. Our culture teaches us to get ready for the inevitable-a hurricane of spouting hormones and pent up hostility.Some mothers try to cope by wanting to be their teenage daughter's buddy. Many teenagers don't want or need another buddy, especially one as old as their mother. This method usually backfires.Others solve the problem by letting their adolescent basically go their own way. According to the Natural Academy of Science, the average time a parent spends with their child weekly has dropped 11 hours since 1960. A recent study also reveled that 24% of children ages10-12 are left alone and unsupervised when parents are working. Even when the parents get home from work, most families don't find the time to eat dinner together. Research shows that kids that find themselves close to a parent are far less likely to smoke, drink, use illegal drugs, and have sex. They are also far more likely to do well in school and attend a college.Dr. Nancy says that in order for us to understand teenage girls and their needs, we must first get...

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