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What They See As Wrong Is Still A Right

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One’s self-identity is very important in order for a person to be successful and truly happy with their life. What happens when a person’s identity is not accepted in society and they have to hide who they are just to stay alive? What happens when those that come into an area and say they are there to help are the ones making the situation worse? Many gays have been, and are facing this very issue in Africa today. As the mistreatment and even murders of gays and gay rights activists continue, there are still those who are fighting for equality. Crime rates have increased in several African countries, particularly in areas that have those fighting for equality, but while they are fighting for this purpose, many of them are also losing their lives in the current sociopolitical climate. For a change to take place it will take a lot of passion from people who choose not to give up, and although it is not impossible it is very difficult that the present time to stand up for what you believe.
Many countries have different beliefs, whether it is their political preferences or their religious preferences. Obviously Africa has had strong opinions on homosexuality for quite some time and if one watches the world news they have most likely noticed the issues going on in Uganda at the present time. Has the recent Anti-Homosexuality Bill been influenced by Christian groups who are trying to force their biblical teachings on other countries? Many seem to feel as if groups such as International House of Prayer are sending missionaries to spread hatred toward homosexuals in Uganda (Lyden). Sadly, what should be a simple message of God’s unconditional love is escalating into chaos and torture of innocent lives.
Lyden tells readers that International House of Prayer missionaries teach against the use of condoms and teach abstinence only (Lynden). When religious organizations become involved in such personal issues without the proper training, it is doing nothing more than allowing those they are teaching to remain uneducated in the topic of sex. Remaining uneducated in this subject could very well result in HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases if they still choose to be sexually active. Those that are trying to force their belief on the people of Uganda are also viewing homosexuality as the destruction of human civilization (Lynden). These religious groups honestly feel as if they are doing the right thing, but it is doing nothing more than spreading ignorance about homosexuals and increasing violence toward them. All of this, results in Ugandans hating their own people, and many leaders will continue to allow it to happen in order to receive aid from the United States unless our current president puts a stop to their aid until the mistreatment is ceased.
Unfortunately, the hate and abuse toward homosexuals in Africa is increasing daily. Especially in Uganda where President Yoweri Museveni has recently signed the Anti-Homosexual Act, which makes it a...

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